Almabyte launches ITPresence.

A service for SME's without the necessary skills or to supplement their own resources.

If you need support, development or just an opinion contact us and we will try our best to help.

More information is available on the itpresence page.

Keren support

Almabyte are pleased to announce that 100% of customers on support have renewed their maintenance and support agreements for the Keren MIS product.

Having supported the product for the past year we always hoped that the customers would receive the best support and service.

As every customer has renewed their support we can take that as some degree of confidence.

We look forward to providing an equal or better service over the next 12 months.

Keren development

A Keren MIS customer has placed an order for a bespoke development project.

Having looked at the cost of replacing the Keren system, this customer has decided to invest in development rather than the more expensive option of an ERP system. The development should enable the customer to use the existing system and hardware for the next 2 - 3 years if not longer.

JobSpan demo

A new website has been launched with a fully working "hosted" version of the planning software product JobSpan

This will allow any potential users the opportunity to try the system for real. This is a fully working demo although with a restricted dataset and none of the import or upload options.

There is also information on where the product is heading and the options available.

This is rapidly changing so keep an eye out for the latest news and developments.

Company news

Almabyte has received an order from Augustus Martin Ltd to undertake a data migration project.

The project objective is to migrate the Keren MIS product and Oracle database from HP UNIX to Linux. After migration, archiving processes will be performed to reduce the size of the database.