New product, service and website

Almabyte have just released a totally new product for independent analysis and monitoring of utility metering.
The service is provided in conjunction with Intelligent Energy Monitoring and PSW Building Consultancy.

A new page will be appearing soon with full information and details of the website.

In the meantime if you want further information please get in contact.

Keren support

Almabyte are pleased to announce that 100% of customers on support have renewed their maintenance and support agreements for the Keren MIS product.

Having supported the product for the past 2 years our aim was that the customers would receive the best support and service.

As every customer has renewed their support we can take that as some degree of confidence.
In addition we are seeing an increase in investment to add or to improve the product.

We look forward to providing an equal or better service over the next 12 months.

B2Cprint sale in Ireland

We have made our first sale in Ireland and look forward to many more sales in the region.

The sale includes both the B2CPrintShop and B2B module as well as a customised design and integration to the Realex credit card payment gateway.

There have also been several new sales in the UK.