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In our terminology we have 3 offerings:
PEA - Periodic Energy Assessment
RTEC - Real-Time Energy Consumption
PEAR - Permanent Energy Assessment Real-time

With a PEA we can install monitoring equipment for a agreed period to independently monitor every aspect of your electricity supply.
We then load this data to our cloud solution, and analyse the results.
Find out if there are inaccuracies in your meter, or you have a high voltage, poor Power Factor, phase imbalance, or any other issue.
All of these can be found using our cloud portal, where the home landing page gives an overview and the dashboard the detail, with our traffic light system to the right. Throughout the system you can drill down for detailed information.

With RTEC we install permanent monitoring, that allows you to see consumption data in real-time. This enables you to introduce awareness campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of any energy saving measures.
There are many tools and features:
- The tracker graph allows you to see savings month on month, year on year
- The awareness screen is ideal for a big screen mounted in reception or public area
- Standard consumption reports or specific tariff reports enable comparison with the utility bill
- If sub-metering is installed, landlords can automatically generate tenant invoices from the system

The PEAR feature is now available and combines RTEC and PEA.
As standard you will get RTEC and then have the option to gather summary characteristics each month, such as KVA. Or have events that turn on a PEA, or have PEA data collected on demand.
This gives the option of getting real-time analysis of individual parameters for volts, amps, power factor, kva and kvar. As well as recording this, operation limits can be set for each which send alerts should the recorded value fall outside of these.
Here is an example of the summary for KVA.


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